The Spirit Searches Everything
Keeping Life's Questions

Preface 1

One o With Self Aware      3
In and Out of Body--Complex and Surprising--When, How, and Why?- Language and Story--Who Was I--Pearlie Forgets-- Growing Awareness--But Can One Choose?--Fractional Freedom

Two o In a Real World      25
Dance and Dancer--In All Directions--Are We Accompanied?-- Patterns and Accidents--Quantum Queerness and Connections-- A Shining Through--What We Would See--Insiders--The Underwriting

Three o In Spirit and Spirit      41
Go-Between God--God's Awareness--With and Without Us-- Unsayable and Saying--Sheer Silence--Who Is Jesus?--Divine Awareness with Jesus--God's Ways in Person--Not Confined-- Modesty in the Spirit

Four o In the Suffering      63
Sam and the Interfaith Council--Perilous Beauty--The Long Line of Questions--Not on Wednesdays and Fridays--Shooters Both-- When the Planes Crash--Dying Daily--Enlarging Compassion

Five o While Knowing Ourselves      87
What I Do--Escape--And Other Coping Habits--Environmental Neglect--Turning In--Where It Ends--Captains of Morality-- The Good Problem--The Healing--The Gem

Six o While Restless and Resting      111
Still Searching--Look Busy--Action in Inaction--Gentle Consent-- Too Deep for Words--Night Sight

Seven o In Life Beyond      127
The Peephole Closes--I Think I Understand--Our Stories Saved-- Contmumg in Awareness--Present Hope

Notes for Further Reading      139

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