Outrage and Hope
A Bishop's Reflections in Times of Change and Challenge


Foreword    xi

1. Earthquake, Fire & Flood; War and More Where Was God

When the Plane Crashed?    3
Outrage and Hope in Los Angeles    8
Rodney King and Dignity    13
Our Racism    16
Though the Earth Be Moved    20
For Freedom For    ?23
AIDS    25
Reason to Use Our Franchise    29
Government and Us    31
Our Fragile Island Home    33
Environmental Economy    36
Helping the Homeless    39
The Nehemiah West Homes    42
How Are the Young People Doing?    44
For Desmond Tutu and South Africa    46
Iraq: What to Do? What to Learn?    48
The Gulf War: A Letter to the Clergy    51
The Weakness of Violence    54
We Do Have Power to End the Madness    57
The Cost of Guns    59
Illegal Immigration    62
Affirmative Action Christians    64
Remembering the Savior: Remembering El Salvador    67
The Tough Get Generous    74

2. Freedom and Form: Things Theological and Ethical

Freedom and Form    79
Chaos and Creativity    82
Si Comprehendis, Non est Deus    89
God in Person    91
Christian Realism: Without Illusion or Despair    93
Getting What They Deserve    97
Abortion    99
Euthanasia    102
Health Care    105
Who Are We?    107
Taking the Bible Seriously    109
The Word of God    113
Jesus and Women Exemplars    116
Ordination of Women    129
God Not Man: In Prayer and Worship    133
"Love Bade Me Welcome"    139
Giving in Thanksgiving    146
Comprehension    149
Other Faiths and Ours    152
The Blind See: Our Common Vision    156
Our Heart's Desire    159
The Giver and the Gift    162
The Golden Rule-Is It Enough?    164
"Jack"    166
The Death and Resurrection of the Beloved Son    168
Being Saved by Faith    170

3. Adelante! Ministries Today

Adelante!    175
Were Those Really the Good Old Days?    177
Ministry as Artistry    180
Minister Afire    182
The Storm of the Century    184
Adventure in Yucaipa    187
Backseat Writing    190
The Non-Anxious Ministry    192
The Good Episcopalian    194
Not Challenging Enough?    196
Grand Canyon    199
The Ministry and Authority of Bishops in a Changing World and Church    201
Centennial    219
Many Ways of Eucharist    222
A Fundamentalist Liberal Catholic    225
Too Busy?    228
Sharing the Good News    231
Ways of Evangelism    233
Cathedral for the Twenty-First Century    236
Our Offices    239
Wellness    241
Our Secret Sharer    243
Beating the Lone Ranger    245
Gossip    247
The Former Rector    249
The Clergy and Sexual Immorality    251
Youth Leadership    253
Spiritual Reading    255
Scars    256
Praying for Others    258
One Another    260

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