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The Son of Man in Myth and History
New Testament scholars offer different theories regarding a life-setting in which the use of the Son of Man designation could have developed and rooted itself so deeply in the gospel traditions. There is still no agreement. The radical proposal of this book looks to the baptizing sectarian groups of which Jesus was arguably at one time a part. Walter Wink writes, "Frederick Houk Borsch is one of the few to have recognized that ‘there may be something almost archetypal about the basic conception involved’ in the son-of-the-man figure." (London:SCM Press/Philadelphia:Westminster Press, 1967; Wipf & Stock, 2008)

The Christian and Gnostic Son of Man
Use of the Son of Man designation dies out in much of early Christianity, but has a role in several Gnostic-flavored movements. Is there a connection with earlier Jewish sectarian thought and speculation? (London:SCM Press, 1970; Wipf & Stock, 2008)

Power in Weakness: New Hearing for Gospel Stories of Healing and Discipleship [Also an audio book]* "We experience the healing of a dumb man from within the consciousness of the tormented victim. We climb inside the skin of Andrew and feel his smug contempt for pagans and Gentiles, and his impatience with the Syrophoenician woman. With the flick of the writer’s pen, we are that desperate woman. Served up with substantial biblical and theological commentary and laced with engaging experiences from the author’s life, these stories bridge the gap between past history and contemporary interests and invite us to further study and reflection." Jerry K. Robbins. ". . . an exceptional story-teller" John Stone Jenkins. (Philadelphia:Fortress Press, 1983; New edition, 2008)

God’s Parable
Proclaimer of God’s ways and healer, Jesus not only told parables he enacted them and became himself a parable of God’s presence. "Though more remains unknown than known, Christians look upon Jesus as God’s personal means of reconciliation to humankind." (London:SCM Press/Philadelphia:Westminster Press, 1975/6)

Jesus: the Human Life of God [Also an audio book]*
In straight-forward language this small book presents biblical and historical perspective on Jesus to see how and why Christians came to worship Jesus as both human and divine. "In the human life of Jesus there was glimpsed the chief clue to God’s character." He not only told of the kingdom of God, he bodied it forth. He not only spoke God’s word, he enacted it and became the Word of God. (Cincinnati:Forward Movement, 1987)

Anglicanism and the Bible Editor
A notable appraisal and analysis of the Anglican heritage in biblical studies and the role of the Bible in Anglican thought and practice. "As Gregory the Great expressed it, scriptures are a river of faith ‘both shallow and deep, in which the lamb can find footing and the elephant can float’" – from the editor’s essay "All Things Necessary to Salvation". (Wilton,CT:Morehouse-Barlow,1984)

The Bible’s Authority in Today’s Church Editor. Contributors :J.Robert Wright, Charles P. Price, Ellen K. Wondra, Stephen F. Noll, Charles C. Hefling,Jr.
How important is the Bible in today’s church? This book provides the clear answer that the Bible is fundamental to the church’s vitality. Here, then, is a lively study, debate and conversation – particularly within the Episcopal Church. A helpful study guide [by Linda L. Grenz] has been added to assist those who would use the book in adult study groups.

Introducing the Lessons of the Church Year: A Guide for Lay Readers and Congregations Provides brief one or four sentence introductions to the Sunday (and other) readings along with guidance for those reading these lessons. ". . . written in the belief that even a small amount of guidance can spark considerable interest in the biblical stories, and that the poems, parables and prophecies will then provide the fuel." (New York:Seabury Press/Philadelphia:Trinity Press International, 1978/1991)

Christian Discipleship and Sexuality
This study has been widely used and acclaimed in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles and elsewhere. We are grateful to Bishop Borsch for making it available to the whole church. "How we live with this tension and care for another is more important to God than how we resolve it." With a study guide by M.R. Ritley. (Cincinnati:Forward Movement, 1993)

Coming Together in the Spirit
This fresh understanding of a communal spirituality and ecumenical dialogue is based on a study sponsored by the Commission on Faith and Order of the National Council of the Churches of Christ. With a study guide.

New Proclamation Year B 2002-3, with James M. Childs, Jr., Philip H. Pfatteicher and Martin F. Connell. Advent through Holy Week. FHB provides the commentary and homiletical response on the Advent and Christmas readings. (Minneapolis:Fortress Press,2002)

Epiphany. Proclamation 4: Series A
Biblical commentary and thoughts for preaching on the readings for Epiphany in year A of the common lectionary. (Minneapolis:Fortress Press,1989)

Pentecost 1. Proclamation 3: Series C
Biblical commentary and exposition for preaching on the readings for the first third of the Pentecost season in year C of the common lectionary. (Philadelphia:Fortress Press,1985

Proclamation: Advent-Christmas. Series II-A, with Davie Napier
Exegesis and homiletical interpretation on Advent reading for year A in the common lectionary (Philadelphia:Fortress Press,1980)

*These books, along with The Magic Word, are in audio publication by the Episcopal Media Center

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