Many Things in Parables
Extravagant Stories of New Community



Prologue. Telling It Slant

1. The Resilient Rascal
      The Unjust Steward

2. The Just and the Unjust
      The Pharisee and the Tax Collector

3. Equal Pay
      The Laborers in the Vineyard

4. A Man Had Two Sons
      The Prodigal Son

5. The Dinner Party
      The Great Supper

6. One Out of a Hundred
      The Lost Sheep

7. As an Injured Stranger
      The Good Samaritan

8. Do You Want Us to Gather the Weeds?
      The Wheat and Weeds

9. Ready or Not!
      The Wedding Garment
      The Ten Maidens

10. On Not Being Able to Repay
       The Unmerciful Servant

11. Treasure
       The Hidden Treasure

12. No Way of Saving
       The Talents

13. Help?
       A Friend at Midnight
       The Unjust Judge

14. Surprisel
       The Seed Growing Secretly
       The Mustard Seed

15. Waste and Grace
       The Sower

Epilogue. Parable and Gospel




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