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Introducing the Scriptures of the Church Year is a new edition of my original guide to the lectionary of the Episcopal Church's Book of Common Prayer first published in 1978 and reissued in 1991. Over the years I have enjoyed seeing it used, knowing that it found a place in many a church sacristy and office and had been given to numerous lay readers and others who wanted to learn more about the Bible as part of our worship. I was also grateful to receive suggestions as to how to make each edition more helpful, suggestions that came not only from Episcopalians but from members of other churches who found the book an aid in the reading and understanding of the scriptures.

Now with the Widespread use of the ecumenical Revised Common Lectionary (RCL), I have been asked to compose this new version. Because of the many additional biblical readings and variations
in the RCL, this revision became a new book, and I invited a friend and experienced pastor and priest to join me in the composing and rewriting. Along with his own knowledge of the scriptures and his
writing skills, George Woodward has used the introductions to the Sunday reading with his own congregations for many years. He has good insights into their purposes and how best to employ them. He has become a full collaborator with me in this new edition, which we together dedicate to all who strive thoughtfully to read aloud from the scriptures to others and so to keep the Bible a living Word of God.

Although the book can be used without reference to the introductory chapters, they are provided as insight and practical advice not only to lay readers but also to groups or individuals engaged in weekly lectionary Bible study, prayer and spirituality groups that 'ocus on scripture for their devotions, and sermon discussion groups. Clergy preparing sermons and Christian educators preparing lessons may also find these chapters and the introductions to the Sunday and holy day readings useful.

Let me note, too, that the Index of Biblical Readings provides an easy way of finding when it is that a particular biblical passage occurs in the liturgical year. For example, if one wants to know when the parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke Is:n-32) is read in the liturgical year, here is one way to do it. Many thanks to Vicki Black for the compiling of that index and to both Vicki and Cynthia Shattuck for all their fine professional work with the book.


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