Frederich H Borsch


Almost too excited we can get,

waiting for his "ready, set"

and then "go, go, go," which is why

I take so many sips and must try

then to keep my mouth dry, to wipe it dry

and never let it be too wet and may

use my shirt, Coach says, "O.K."

when its our olympic day,

and its hard not to tug up and down

on it or make the sound

to "go, go" and jump up and down

before we hear him say and can keep

my eyes straight and leap and leap

ahead, and also with my arms keep

swinging back and forth,

keep them swinging back and forth,

but still staying on the course

in our special meet because

Coach says were special for what each one does

and also my Dad says because

were different and loves me

because of that and likes to see

how fast that I can be,

and, I think, also because when

Stevie stumbles and Maya trips on him,

we all race back to get our friend

and help each one out

and help them up and shout

"go, go" so we can all about

run fast again and each one win.

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