On waves in rippled space
spirit broods, spreading
the stellar ash, transformed
bursts into living
dazzled knots in the flow,
genetic wording
to spiraled paragraphs,
logos informing.
From those light years away,
whirlwinding and code,
suffering awareness
creation unfolds,
a semiotic world,
yet being told

The Spirit Searches Everything



Keeping Faith at Princeton

My Life for Yours

First Atom Bomb Cover


“I want to see, I want to see,”
my little grandson pulls on me.
I lift Jack up that he may point
to firemen smiling from their truck,
hooting when they whoop its horn;
next horses and a marching band,
and, by God, an elephant thumps ahead
of open cars and pretty girls, I notice,
waving to a squad of cyclists,
black and red and white and blue,
in the parade that’s passing through.

It’s then I see I want to see
new poets, next musicians, scouts,
explorers of the quarks and stars,
global warming, if more caring,
undoing of some old diseases:
all he may see this century,
seeing he cannot shoulder me.

Day by Day cover

 Day By Day is also available in AUDIO BOOK with song and anthem

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